The Organization

Sahar was established in 2000. Our mission has been to provide anonymous, instantaneous, free of charge online assistance to people undergoing emotional distress. Sahar provides an internet-based emotional support service. 100 volunteers, graduates of an intensive four-month training course, guided by mental health professionals, operate an  array of programs geared at reaching every internet surfer in Israel who may be in need.  

The Need

Every year, more than 10,000 suicide attempts occur in Israel, 400-500 of which result in death. Despite the growing need, public mental health services in Israel are overburdened and private mental health services are unaffordable to many. Moreover, many people in emotional anguish tend to avoid public mental health services due to stigmatized views concerning these issues. In today's world it has become habitual to turn to the internet in search of information and online immediate assistance. Hundreds of thousands of people in emotional distress use the internet as a tool to express their distress and find an immediate, charge free, accessible and anonymous solution to their suffering. Those who avoid seeking help with family or friends as they feel intimidated and self-conscious prefer the internet due to its anonymous nature, to the point that it has become the only place where their problems are disclosed. Since service seekers only reveal their distress through the internet, they are mostly unknown to the welfare services. As we witness a growing need for emotional assistance in cases of crisis, the internet turns into a central platform where help could be offered.

 Sahar Activities

Personal Chat: On-line support conversations with Sahar crisis volunteers offer an attentive listener who provides assistance and support.

Outreach Patrol: An innovative project, the first of its kind in Israel and globally. Volunteers surf internet sites, forums, Facebook pages, and personal blogs in search of distress messages and refer surfers in need to our services. We aim to extend our outreach to people unaware of Sahar's services who surf the web and express any kind of emotional distress. 

Support Forums: Sahar’s support forums provide a meeting place for non-synchronized support groups and are open and accessible to interested parties 24 hours daily. Sahar crisis volunteers take part in these forums, supervising and enforcing forum rules.

Support services for website and chat room owners and moderators

Sahar in Arabic: Arabic language web-based emergency emotional aid to the Arab community in Israel and worldwide.

E-Mail Support: Connection and support through electronic mail provided 24 hours a day.

Sahar website offers articles and links to assistance organizations.


Hundreds of lives have been saved and thousands of people have been brought relief through our services.  

Sahar has received the 1st place for non-commercial web sites on Ynet, Israel's leading news portal. 

Sahar received the Health Minister's Shield for volunteering.  

Sahar association is an active member at the inter-ministerial committee for suicide prevention.

Board of Directors

Mr. Zeev Likwornik – Chairman Mr. Likwornik is the Director of Product Management, Portfolio Cloud and Technologies at Amdocs. Mr. Likwornik is a Law graduate from Tel Aviv University and has an MBA from Kellogg Recanati.

Dr. Sami Hamdan - Dr. Hamdan is an educational psychologist, a doctor of clinical psychology (Bar - Ilan University) and a senior lecturer at the Tel - Aviv – Yaffo Academic College. Dr. Hamdan is an expert on youth suicide prevention and is a member of the National Council for Suicide Prevention responsible for suicide prevention among the Arab population.

Dr. Nir Vitenberg - Dr. Vitenberg holds a doctorate in social work from Tel Aviv University where he researched young people's quest for emotional support using the Internet. Dr. Vitenberg lectures on Youth Behavior at Beit Berl Academic College and has managed a number of projects for various NGOs.

Mr. Gil Beri - Mr. Beri is the CEO and owner of a private investment firm.  Mr. Beri has more than 20 years' experience in financial planning and risk management.

Ms. Leora Arnon  - Ms. Arnon has been part of Sahar since its inception and has fulfilled a variety of roles. Ms. Arnon serves as a Knowledge Development Manager in the volunteer division of the JDC Israel.

Mr. Eyal Sheffer - Mr. Sheffer is the Corporate Controller for DSPG. Mr. Shapir has a degree in Accountancy and Economics from Bar Ilan University and also holds an MBA.

Mr. Ronen Solomon  - Mr. Solomon holds degrees in Law and Business Management. Mr. Solomon is the founder and CEO of Meitav- Dash Benefits.

Mr. Aibe Meir - Mr. Meir is a seasoned economist.  In 1985 Mr. Meir established "Chashbim", a leading business service provider firm in Israel. Today Chashbim has over one hundred employees.

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